Air Freight

It is a known fact that the fastest and safest way to import and export goods internationally is by air. However, if you are dealing with an unreliable freight forwarder, you will find it very difficult or challenging to experience the speed and convenience of air freighting for which it is known.

That is why choosing Efezino Global Resources as your freight forwarder is a wise business decision. Our total commitment to quality customer service is exactly what you need (and deserve) for reliable air freighting operations. Our professional and courteous personnel are always available to access your specific needs and proficiently handle your import and export projects, be it large-scale or smaller express shipments or even human remains or food items. Although our office is in Port Harcourt, we work closely with other airports and handle shipments being imported or exported outside Port Harcourt.

Sea Freight

Sea Freight is a method of transporting large amounts of goods using carrier ships. Good are packed into containers and then loaded onto a vessel. It is internationally recognized as the least expensive mode of transporting large freight over long distances.

Due to the often complex processes involved in sea freighting, you would need a sea freight forwarder you can rely on each step of the way, for every shipment. Efezino Global Resources provides you with everything you need from start to finish, no matter your destination, so you can ship with total confidence. We have your international shipping covered port to port with domestic pickup available in FCL (Full Container Load), LCL (Less than Container Load) or RORO (Roll On ROll Off); whether import or export on all shipping lanes including, but not limited to, China, USA, Canada, India, Switzerland, Malaysia and Japan. In order to issue the best freight rates available, we remain neutral and work alongside all carriers whilst taking into consideration transit times and space guarantees. Thus, we maintain excellent working relationships with the carriers and our clients. *

Customs Clearance

Efezino Global Resources stays constantly updated on all the current rules and regulations on Customs; and being licensed, communicates with Customs officials, so you don't have to. Our brokers are trained to make sure that your shipment is in good ship shape and will communicate effectively with you over any issues or questions you might have pertaining to clearance proceedings. We handle all of the necessary clearing documentations and processes. To know more about Customs Clearance, visit Frequently asked questions.

Documentation and Processing

For every import and export shipment comes necessary documentation or paperwork and processing. This differs largely though, depending on the mode of freight, type of shipment, destination, value of goods, etc. At Efezino Global Resources, it is our responsibility to keep you well-informed of necessary requirements and means of obtaining them.

We handle, but are not limited to, the following documentations and processes:

  • Processing of import and export documents such as Form M, PAAR, SONCAP Certificate, Import Permit, Quarantine Certificate, etc.
  • Collecting shipping documents such as airway bill or bill of lading on behalf of importer
  • Arrangements for Customs bill of entry (printout, assessment and exchange control)
  • Payment of Customs duty and other related government charges
  • Obtainment of Authority to Load after payment of shipping line charges.

In most cases, we take ownership of the entire documentation processes to spare you and or your company the stress and hassles often involved in obtaining the above-listed documents and handle the core shipping processes until your shipment gets to your desired destination.