Looking for a truck to pick up or deliver your consignment? Search no more. Efezino Global Resources trucking services helps you find the most cost-effective, reliable and presentable truck(s) available to fit your budget and pick up or deliver your consignment securely within alloted time.

Courier Services

For many who are unfamiliar with the clearing field, the process can feel a little overwhelming. However, with courier service, you need not worry about all that. By simply providing us with the right details, we take your shipment or parcel to the door-step of your desired destination, both locally and internationally.

General Sales Agent

Whether you're an individual, company or customs agent needing an international cargo export flight, we have the right resources to provide you with rate and export from Port Harcourt and beyond. Simply send an email to [email protected] with your cargo details; or request a quotation by clicking here.


We have the structure and strategy needed to get you or your company through the procurement process. We do the necessary evaluation, planning, research, negotiation, transaction and monitoring of each project as required to deliver a quality service at a cost-effective rate.

General Contracts and Supplies

We generally handle contracts and supplies. Send us a message and tell us exactly what you need and we will work together to provide you a satisfactory service.